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7 Interventions to Stop the Eczema Flare Before It Erupts

Is your life causing your eczema flares? Read on to find out if it is... I believe it’s possible to teach old dogs new tricks. Yes, I’m referring to myself as an ‘old dog’ even though I’m not that old! However, it’s a fitting phrase to describe when I decided to retrain myself not to get stuck in the cycle of stress-eczema flare-clear skin-repeat.
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Is Your Favorite Morning Beverage Causing Eczema

(Spoiler: There’s a healing swap-out suggestion with an Eczema Healing Tea recipe included) Who doesn’t love their morning cup of caffeine? Coffee and tea consumption have become a significant part of American society. The cafe culture is a multi-billion dollar industry. This isn’t anything new…many civilizations for centuries have worshiped them too.
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Eczema: The Autoimmune Disease Everyone Seems To Be Overlooking

I've always been a questioner. This is why I believe eczema can be healed and reversed (and new science backs this). When I was a little kid, I asked lots of questions because I wanted to know how and why things worked.
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An analogy I use for Functional Medicine is to imagine a tree. Unlike conventional medicine, which only views the condition of a single branch, Functional Medicine allows you to view the entire tree- trunk, branches, leaves, and roots.

When you come to us for care, we do the same thing. We approach your body like the tree, analyzing all systems, not just the area of complaint. We then take what is complex and simplify it, so that you may experience the healing and health that you desire.