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9 Healing Baths to Calm the Eczema Itch

9 Healing Baths to Calm the Eczema Itch

There’s no one blanket approach to calm an eczema flare but a healing bath may help. Here are some of my favorite ways to heal from the outside-in.
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Find Functional Medicine Practitioner

How to Find an Experienced Functional Medicine Practitioner

Finding a new practitioner can be difficult itself- let alone a well vetted functional medicine practitioner. Having a checklist of wants and needs can inform the process and make it much less daunting. Hopefully this information will guide you in your process.
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autoimmunity infertility

My Story of Eczema, Infertility, and Miscarriage

There is one thing that eczema, infertility, and miscarriages have in common… All three can make you feel very alone and very tortured physically and mentally. I’m sharing my story with you because I think it’s SUPER important to change attitudes on child loss. AND, inform people about the link between inflammation, autoimmunity, and infertility.
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An analogy I use for Functional Medicine is to imagine a tree. Unlike conventional medicine, which only views the condition of a single branch, Functional Medicine allows you to view the entire tree- trunk, branches, leaves, and roots.

When you come to us for care, we do the same thing. We approach your body like the tree, analyzing all systems, not just the area of complaint. We then take what is complex and simplify it, so that you may experience the healing and health that you desire.