?I?m so happy I found Stephanie!??There are a lot of people offering health advice these days, and I?ve had some training myself, but Stephanie is a stand out. Her science background gives her a deeper understanding of the issues and the interrelatedness of different health problems ? and, of course, how best to treat them. I?ve had many, many questions, and she has a complete and thorough answer to every question.

I still remember my very first conversation with Stephanie where she said her approach is ?specific and sequential.???I loved that!??Test first, then carefully treat each area of concern. And her style is warm, friendly, and caring – which makes every interaction a pleasure. Bottom line, and most important, I?m feeling better than I?ve felt in years!?

-Jane M.

?I really can?t say enough good things about Stephanie. I had been having digestive problems for 40 years. I had pretty much decided that my immune system was shot, it was hereditary and that my life would just be limited and uncomfortable. I had a very restricted diet and eating was still a minefield and could easily put me flat on my back. I had terrible migraines, brain fog, bloating, and sleeping problems and many strange and changing symptoms that were hard to pin down. I was given many popular diagnosis from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to IBS and I had tried many specialists: MDs, herbalists, homeopaths and Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners. As a matter of fact seeing health practitioners was the only hobby I had for years. Then I found Stephanie.

Stephanie took the time to really figure out what was happening with me. She listens really well. There were many layers by the time I started with her. We did many tests to find infections that weren?t always immediately apparent. We balanced my adrenals. It took several tries to get rid of my H.Pylori infection, then we cleared parasites that weren?t really obvious and had probably migrated through my liver ducts. Rebuilding my digestion was also critical. I had no idea that so many of my symptoms were related to histamines, but some clear adjustments to my diet really helped.

So after 2 years of Stephanie?s patient and persistent treatment, I am practically symptom free, and have as much energy as I did at age 30 (I am 69 years old). I can eat many things in moderation that I have not tried in years. I still prefer to eat predominantly Autoimmune Paleo . I sleep like a baby and am taking only probiotics and extra vitamin D instead of mountains of supplements that I had to take for years. It is truly a miracle. Sometimes it felt like it was taking an awfully long time, but looking back I know that each round of treatment and testing was not only important but critical for understanding what was coming up next. Thanks to Stephanie?s encouragement and insights I didn?t give up.

So now I am feeling really fantastic. With the perspective I have gained during this process it is now very clear to me that many of my friends have digestive problems that are manifesting as arthritis, shoulder and head pain, fatigue, brain fog and many other vague symptoms that don?t seem to be digestive at all. I urge them to heal their digestion with someone really smart like Stephanie and they will have much longer and happier lives.?

-Anne K.

“It?s hard to know where to begin the story of my health struggle.?I suppose the low point came in February 2013 when I ended up in an emergency room with severe stomach discomfort, fatigue, and extreme nausea.

The doctors took x-rays, poked, and prodded me.? And after 6 long hours and a bag of IV fluids they told me they could find nothing wrong with me and advised me to have a good meal to which I replied, ?What should I eat??? Anything you want the doctor told me.

I did go out and have a big meal after being discharged and subsequently felt sick again.

Flash forward to April 2014.? I hadn?t gotten better, no matter what I tried to do. My weight was down from 170 lbs. to 152 lbs. so I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy combo. ?The gastroenterologist found nothing wrong.

Two months later, after reading Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall, and with the invaluable guidance of scdlifestyle.com, I began following the SCD diet to the letter.? It helped.? After several months I finally began to put on weight, but there were still hurdles to overcome.? My skin was still breaking out in dermatitis, my joints still ached.

I had my first consult with Stephanie in April 2014.? On her advice I immediately began pregnenolone ?supplementation and GI support.? Testing recommended by Stephanie showed my adrenal glands were functioning at very low levels and my digestion was still affected by SIBO.

With Stephanie?s guidance I began to use supplements like pregnenolone and stomach acid (Betaine HCI) among others to address adrenal fatigue and SIBO.

Stephanie?s advice and guidance is gold, but healing is a lot of work.? It took another 18 months of work and Stephanie?s help to get to where I am today: a healthy 6 ft. 188 lbs.? And it is work,

and discipline, and will, and not simply popping a pill and going about one?s business and consuming fast food.? Even now, I must be careful to monitor stress levels and?as it is apparent, now that other problems have healed, I?m histamine intolerant?to monitor my dietary histamine intake levels and use DAO supplements when the my histamine levels rise too high and I still eat very, very clean.

I?m very pleased that I chose this path instead of the big pharma symptom management way to healing, and Stephanie has been a great source of guidance and support.? I highly recommend her consultation services to anyone suffering from digestive and hormonal imbalance problems.”

-William P.

?I have been feeling much better since taking the plant enzymes, betaine, and multivitamins. My stomach pain has decreased significantly, and I’m so thankful. I’ve been eating strict paleo with no alternative baking since our initial appointment and have been working out three + times per week. I’ve lost weight and have felt amazing.

I’m really thankful for Stephanie’s knowledge and insight?

-Emily M.

?When I first began work with Stephanie, I had many health issues. I had tried various treatments on my own or with other doctors — none of them had worked. Stephanie restored my health, and today I am free of those original issues. I am so very grateful to her for this! Her extensive knowledge, diagnostic abilities and resources were what I needed. I only wish that I had started working with her sooner.?

-Hope H.

?Dr. Stephanie Davis is TERRIFIC!! I would highly recommend her!

I have worked with her for one year now and have almost completely resolved my health issues!! We were able to successfully heal my adrenals, improve my sleep, eliminate H. Pylori and yeast overgrowth.

During my work with her, I did an elimination diet to definitively identify beyond a shadow of a doubt all the foods that were still causing me problems. Eliminating all the gluten cross-reactive proteins were key to eliminating my inflammatory symptoms.

I have 30+ years medical training & experience, am a certified nutritional consultant, have read more than 40 health books, and have worked with numerous medical professionals in the past 10 years trying to improve my health, and Stephanie is by far the BEST!!

She is knowledgeable, flexible, respectful, understanding, and will be a steady, reliable, caring partner in finding your best health!!!?

-Wendy B.

Hi, Just wanted to let Stephanie know that the Histamine Block has virtually eliminated my dermatitis. Success at last! Thanks, so much.

-Bill Potter

?I?ve been working with Stephanie for the last two years. She was recommended to me and I?m so glad she was.? With all the improvements made to my health, I wish that I could?ve had her help years ago.? Since we started working together I feel like I have control of my health for the first time.

In the past, I worked with traditional MDs who saw my multiple issues as unrelated and provided treatments that did little to help me or in some cases made it worse. When I asked if food could be causing or making my problems worse, I was told a firm no that what I ate had nothing to do with it.? Feeling that I wasn?t getting the help I needed, I decided to figure it out on my own.? I did have some success which encouraged me to keep going, but I found that I could only take it so far on my own.? After meeting Stephanie, she took what I started and dramatically expanded on it.? With her help I?ve made significant progress.

I like that she looks at not just the individual symptoms but everything as an interconnected whole. She takes into consideration my health history, my family health history, stress, sleep habits, hormones, activity and exercise levels, and what I eat. ??Many of my health issues started in childhood, and after decades of little to no help, Stephanie is not just providing me with the answers but giving me effective solutions.?

-Pam W.

?I feel better than ever?even better than in my 20s. I went into this process with a high desire to feel better since my gut symptoms and fatigue began to impact everything I enjoy in life?golf, cycling, and the outdoors, but I was a little hesitant knowing it would involve so many changes. I thought it would be a difficult process, but it really wasn?t once I established my lifestyle, diet, and supplement routines. The hardest part of treatment was going 100% gluten free. Had I known I would feel this good, I would?ve done this long ago. Finding the root causes and making lasting lifestyle changes are the key to health. Working with a knowledgeable practitioner makes all the difference!?