“I’ve worked with Dr. Stephanie over the years as a functional medicine patient and now through the Thriving Mama program. Hands down, the Thriving Mama program is the best money I’ve ever spent on myself- for both health and self growth. It’s so different from the functional medicine experience because you meet weekly which provides so much more opportunity for her to teach, mentor, and coach you. Together we found the areas I needed to focus on regarding my health, limiting beliefs, mental blocks, emotions and trauma that needed to be addressed and made a plan for me that worked in my schedule with a bunch of kids. Speaking of schedule- the modules on time, boundaries, and community are game changers for having less chaos, getting more time back in your life and being able to focus on your OWN needs as well as your family.  She was also so flexible when my life got a little crazy and she supported me through that too. I can’t even begin to explain the transformation that has taken place- I’ve lost weight and have more energy and joy back in my life with no more anxiety. I feel like a new person- a better version of myself with a new identity. She just gets what moms really need. I’m so happy I took the leap and said YES to myself!! I’m so, so incredibly grateful that Dr. Stephanie created this amazing program and community.”

– K.H.

“I’m so happy I found Stephanie! There are a lot of people offering health advice these days, and I’ve had some training myself, but Stephanie is a stand out. Her science background gives her a deeper understanding of the issues and the interrelatedness of different health problems and, of course, how best to treat them. I’ve had many, many questions, and she has a complete and thorough answer to every question.

I still remember my very first conversation with Stephanie where she said her approach is specific and sequential. I loved that! Test first, then carefully treat each area of concern. And her style is warm, friendly, and caring – which makes every interaction a pleasure. Bottom line, and most important, I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in years!”

-Jane M.

“I really can’t say enough good things about Stephanie. I had been having digestive problems for 40 years. I had pretty much decided that my immune system was shot, it was hereditary and that my life would just be limited and uncomfortable. I had a very restricted diet and eating was still a minefield and could easily put me flat on my back. I had terrible migraines, brain fog, bloating, and sleeping problems and many strange and changing symptoms that were hard to pin down. I was given many popular diagnosis from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to IBS and I had tried many specialists: MDs, herbalists, homeopaths and Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners. As a matter of fact seeing health practitioners was the only hobby I had for years. Then I found Stephanie.

Stephanie took the time to really figure out what was happening with me. She listens really well. There were many layers by the time I started with her. We did many tests to find infections that weren’t always immediately apparent. We balanced my adrenals. It took several tries to get rid of my H.Pylori infection, then we cleared parasites that weren’t really obvious and had probably migrated through my liver ducts. Rebuilding my digestion was also critical. I had no idea that so many of my symptoms were related to histamines, but some clear adjustments to my diet really helped.

So after 2 years of Stephanie’s patient and persistent treatment, I am practically symptom free, and have as much energy as I did at age 30 (I am 69 years old). I can eat many things in moderation that I have not tried in years. I still prefer to eat predominantly Autoimmune Paleo. I sleep like a baby and am taking only probiotics and extra vitamin D instead of mountains of supplements that I had to take for years. It is truly a miracle. Sometimes it felt like it was taking an awfully long time, but looking back I know that each round of treatment and testing was not only important but critical for understanding what was coming up next. Thanks to Stephanie’s encouragement and insights I didn’t give up.

So now I am feeling really fantastic. With the perspective I have gained during this process it is now very clear to me that many of my friends have digestive problems that are manifesting as arthritis, shoulder and head pain, fatigue, brain fog and many other vague symptoms that don’t seem to be digestive at all. I urge them to heal their digestion with someone really smart like Stephanie and they will have much longer and happier lives.”

-Anne K.

Thriving Mama was truly life changing. I have been a patient of Dr. Stephanie’s for various needs over the last seven years, and I was thrilled at the idea of her creating holistic program that truly covers everything a “surviving” mom needs to dig into. The three months I spent working through Thriving Mama allowed me to actually move from surviving in this season of life to feeling so much hope in my ability to thrive.

During Thriving Mama, I found out I was pregnant with a sweet surprise baby, and I believe that this program is the reason this pregnancy has gone so smoothly. In my one on one meetings with Dr. Stephanie, I’ve was able to carefully dig in to how I’ve felt and the trauma that my body has held, releasing it with guidance from Dr. Stephanie through HMT. In addition, she created supplement plans and gave me dietary guidance for exactly what my body needed in this stage of pregnancy. These wonderful things barely scratch the surface of the work that was done in those twelve weeks!

While it was such a beautiful program to work though, it was definitely work. I went in very determined to change, and I firmly believe that the change that occurred in me happened because I desperately wanted to change. Dr. Stephanie has created the PERFECT program for moms who are ready to jump in with both feet and get down the the root of what is keeping them from thriving.

I cannot say enough good things about this program. What Dr. Stephanie has created will change the lives of mothers around the world. She is a gift to us all!”


“When I first began work with Stephanie, I had many health issues. I had tried various treatments on my own or with other doctors — none of them had worked. Stephanie restored my health, and today I am free of those original issues. I am so very grateful to her for this! Her extensive knowledge, diagnostic abilities and resources were what I needed. I only wish that I had started working with her sooner.”

-Hope H.

“Dr. Stephanie Davis is TERRIFIC!! I would highly recommend her! I have worked with her for one year now and have almost completely resolved my health issues!! We were able to successfully heal my adrenals, improve my sleep, eliminate H. Pylori and yeast overgrowth.

During my work with her, I did an elimination diet to definitively identify beyond a shadow of a doubt all the foods that were still causing me problems. Eliminating all the gluten cross-reactive proteins were key to eliminating my inflammatory symptoms.

I have 30+ years medical training & experience, am a certified nutritional consultant, have read more than 40 health books, and have worked with numerous medical professionals in the past 10 years trying to improve my health, and Stephanie is by far the BEST!!

She is knowledgeable, flexible, respectful, understanding, and will be a steady, reliable, caring partner in finding your best health!”

-Wendy B.

“I’ve been working with Stephanie for the last two years. She was recommended to me and I’m so glad she was. With all the improvements made to my health, I wish that I could’ve had her help years ago.Since we started working together I feel like I have control of my health for the first time.

In the past, I worked with traditional MDs who saw my multiple issues as unrelated and provided treatments that did little to help me or in some cases made it worse. When I asked if food could be causing or making my problems worse, I was told a firm no that what I ate had nothing to do with it. Feeling that I wasn’t getting the help I needed, I decided to figure it out on my own. I did have some success which encouraged me to keep going, but I found that I could only take it so far on my own. After meeting Stephanie, she took what I started and dramatically expanded on it. With her help I’ve made significant progress.

I like that she looks at not just the individual symptoms but everything as an interconnected whole. She takes into consideration my health history, my family health history, stress, sleep habits, hormones, activity and exercise levels, and what I eat. Many of my health issues started in childhood, and after decades of little to no help, Stephanie is not just providing me with the answers but giving me effective solutions.”

-Pam W.