Dr. Stephanie has joined her good friend and colleague, Brie Wieselman, LAc., in her Integrative and Functional Medicine group practice. She is currently accepting new patients there  via telehealth visits. To schedule an appointment, please choose the appropriate link below.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the Office Manager at

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ADULTS (15 years and older)

Adult 60 Minute NEW PATIENT Initial Appointment

90 Minute NEW PATIENT or 4+ Lab Review Follow Up

Adult 30 Minute Follow Up

Adult 60 Minute Follow Up

KIDS (Birth through 14 years old)

Kids 30 Minute Follow Up Appointment

Kids 60 Minute New Patient or Follow Up

During your initial 60 minute case review, we will complete a detailed review of your personal and family health history, your health goals, current treatments, and determine what lab tests are necessary. When the results come in, a follow up appointment is scheduled to discuss the findings and set you up on a treatment plan customized for needs. At the end of every consultation you will receive a detailed Health Plan Report that outlines all of the recommendations from our consultations in a clear format.

Follow up consultations and progress checks are recommended periodically throughout the duration of care to achieve success treatment goals.

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