A good analogy for Functional Medicine is to imagine viewing a tree. Functional Medicine allows you to view the entire tree- trunk, branches, leaves, and roots, where the conventional medicine model would view only one branch. When a person comes to us for care, we do the same thing. We approach your body like the tree, analyzing all systems, not just the area of complaint. It allows us to account for the layers of complexity.

Functional Medicine uses cutting edge medical research combined with a holistic, systemic approach to provide a framework for identifying the underlying root causes of disease and biochemical imbalances in the body. Viewing the entire body as whole, knowing that everything is interconnected and any input can have wide reaching, system wide impacts, provides a more effective way to view disease and health.

Our Process

Functional Medicine also provides a platform for collaboration and partnership in the healthcare process. It empowers the client to learn and take charge of their health.

Functional Medicine - History & Labs

History & Labs

Your detailed history combined with strategically chosen labs that allows us to make a comprehensive, customized treatment plan.

Functional Medicine - Genetics & Lifestyle

Genetics & Lifestyle

The genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that all have a direct influence health and chronic illnesses are taken into account. Modifying these factors to improve underlying physiology re-balances the body.

Functional Medicine - Path To Wellness

Path To Wellness

Interventions may include botanical and nutritional medicine, diet programs, exercise/movement programs, and lifestyle modifications such as stress reduction techniques, proper sleep hygiene, proper breathing techniques, environmental hygiene and toxin elimination. These interventions are what get people better and help them stay healthy.

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