Your skin is the largest organ in the body, yet the wisdom it shares with us is often overlooked. The truth is that skin health begins on the inside.? Conditions like eczema, acne, rashes or hives are signs from your body telling you that something is off.

The stresses of daily life, combined with poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise have produced an epidemic of inflammatory and autoimmune skin conditions. These conditions often cause more stress as they can make us feel embarrassed of how our skin looks, changes the dynamics of relationships and self-confidence, and can interfere with sleep. In children, eczema and rashes can also manifest as behavioral changes since they don?t often have the words to describe how exactly how they?re feeling and become irritable and frustrated.

A vicious cycle of symptoms and stress can develop, but this isn?t something you have to live with- it can be healed. ?Identifying and addressing root cause imbalances in the gut, hormones, and immune system can reverse this process revealing the beautiful and vibrant skin.

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